By Tom L C Rogerson 04/02/04 

The idea for establishing a NZL Clan Society originated in the Lake District of England when in 1982 a group of New Zealanders on their way to celebrating the restoration of the fire- destroyed castle-roof at Inveraray agreed to do so on their return.
The first branch was established in Dunedin in November 1983, the next in Christchurch and the Auckland Branch at the Haggis Lair Mt Eden on the 28th November 1988. Its members formed a properly constituted society, and now recognise MacCailein Mor, the 13th Duke of Argyll, as their chief.
He and the Lady Eleanor paid an unofficial visit to Auckland in 2003, thanked members for their very much appreciated wedding presents and were warmly welcomed. They made a deep and lasting and most favourable impression on our members. Representatives were sent to Dunedin when his father the late 12th Duke and his wife The Lady Iona visited Dunedin in 1989. Contact has subsequently been made with Clan Campbell Societies in The United Kingdom, Australia and North America. Several of their officers and members have made contact with us while on visits to New Zealand. We encourage our members to reciprocate when they are overseas. Our enrolment form is in the Membership section of this website.
In New Zealand several Campbells have without proof claimed to be chiefs. Each branch has a President and an executive of essential officers. The fact that our members may wear kilts that vary is because the late Duke has recognised four Campbell setts only viz. Campbell, Cawdor, Breadalbane and Loudon. Alastair Campbell of Airds agrees with our chief and deplores the practice of some tartan manufacturers laying false claim to the Campbell name. At parades If your main clan is not marching then I see nothing wrong in your wearing their kilt and marching with us because we are your second affiliation. I am only aware of one hereditary honorary colonel title here in NZL and he is the Patron of our Otago Branch.

Maureen Campbell-White 


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