Held: Thursday 25 March 2018

At: 1/106 Victoria St, Onehunga

Present: Malcolm Campbell, Maureen Campbell White, Liz MacDiarmid, Colin Schmidt, Alan Page,  Shona Campbell, Alan Bray, Mary Bray. 

Apologies: Don McDowall, Lexie McDowall, Ian White, Max Campbell, Kath Davies. 

Minutes of Last AGM 26 March 2017: Moved by Malcolm Campbell, seconded by Liz MacDiarmid that the minutes as presented be adopted. All were in favour.

Matters arising from the Minutes: Tom Campbell White had advised that he would send a copy of the constitution to Don McDowell for amendment as required and subsequent circulation to all members.  In Don’s absence this matter was not able to be resolved. Malcolm Campbell is to follow up with Don on his return from overseas. 

Financial Report: Bank balance as at 31 December 2017 in our Clan Campbell account is $2596.04. Cheque payment made to Auckland Highland Games Piper for $30.00 has yet to be presented.  The Auckland Games Cheque of $150.00 was credited to the Junior Highland. A cheque is to be generated to transfer this money to the Clan Campbell Society Auckland.

Liz MacDiarmid moved that the report be accepted seconded by Alan Bray. All were in favour.

Vice President’s Report: This was presented by the Vice President Malcolm Campbell. (We were without a President, prior to the election of officers for 2018). This report included the personal difficulties experienced by many clan members in 2017, and Tom Campbell White’s “Memorial event”.    Mention was made of the manning of the clan tent. This was manned by clan members at the Auckland, Waipu and Paeroa games.  A special thankyou was given to Max Campbell and Kath Davies for improvements that had made to our tent/gear, plus the storage.  NB: Report attached. 

Malcolm Campbell moved that the report be accepted, seconded by Liz MacDiarmid. All were in favour.

Discussion in regard to contents of the report: Maureen Campbell White advised that Tom’s Memorial Ceilidh was now in video format and could be found on YouTube video link at:   Tom’s Funeral service video link is  

Maureen is to revisit the Clan Campbell website to ensure it was still functional. There was a suggestion the YouTube videos could be linked to this site.

Junior Highland Games: Malcolm Campbell presented a brief financial statement advising there was a closing balance of $1947.00 in the separate JHG account. $150.00 was incorrectly assigned to this account and it will be transferred to the Clan Campbell Society Auckland. Malcolm advised he would need to contact the “Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment” to discuss legalities around the distribution of the funds currently in the JHG account. However he had received a letter advising the “Ministry” was currently restructuring, so contact would be made at a later date.   It was further advised that the equipment previously held in storage (Maureen’s), was now in secure holdings at Paeroa. It was hoped that in the future this could be used for the purpose it was designed for. Malcolm had heard of the possibility of the involvement of “Waikato Sport.” 

Malcolm Campbell moved the report be accepted, seconded by Liz MacDiarmid. All were favour.  

Election of Officers :

  1. Moved by Liz MacDiarmid and seconded by Don MacDowell (in proxy by email), that Malcolm Campbell become the new President. There being no more nominations , he was approved as President for 2018
  2. Nominated and moved by Malcolm Campbell and seconded by Maureen Campbell White that Colin Schmidt be approved as a Vice President. In Don’s absence, it was moved by Malcolm Campbell that Don McDowell continue as a Vice President/newsletter, however Malcolm will discuss this with Don on his return. Being no further nominations for Vice Presidency, this was accepted for 2018.   
  3. It was moved by Malcolm Campbell that Liz MacDiarmid remain as the Treasurer, but take on the additional role of Secretary. This was seconded by Colin Schmidt. As there were no further nominations, she was accepted as Treasurer/ Secretary for 2018
  4. Committee Members: It was moved by Malcolm Campbell and seconded by Liz MacDiarmid, that the following serve on the committee for 2018: Maureen Campbell White, Max Campbell, Kath Davies, Lexie McDowell (in her absence to be discussed with Malcolm Campbell), Alan Page, Mary Bray, Alan Bray

Other Business:  Liz is to file The Clan Campbell and Junior Highland Games “statement of income and expenditure” and AGM minutes.

A Cheque for $50.00 is to be forwarded to SCAAD for the Clan Campbell Auckland Subs for 2018.

With Malcolm elected as the President of Clan Campbell Auckland, it was agreed that the first committee meeting for 2018 was to be at a later date when Malcolm, Lexie and Don returned from leave. This is agreed for Sunday 20th May, to be held at Malcolm and Shona’s home from 3.00pm – 4.30pm. A shared afternoon would be at the beginning of this meeting 

 Official AGM Meeting closed at 2.50pm 

In further discussion and not part of the AGM, Malcolm updated all present on the proposed activities being planned by SCAAD   (Scottish Clans Association Auckland District Incorporated) in 2018. He also advised that the support by Clan Members for the proposed activities was important.

April (TBC) Haggis Address competition ?: Malcolm was to participate?

Mid-Winter Medieval Feast: Interest in this needed to be gauged.

July 21 Robert Burns Death: Wake evening? This was a Saturday

September 8th,15th or 22nd Association AGM and Annual Dinner: Malcolm suggested that if there was the possibility of the Clan Campbell booking a table.  This could be the official dinner for the 2018 Auckland Clan Campbell Society .  If members could think about this for discussion at meeting of 20 May.

November 17th Auckland Highland Games 

November 30 St Andrews Day : Public promotion

Professional Guided Bus Tour:  to the South Island covering heritage places and events 

Discussion ensued in regard to a luncheon with “Show and Tell” as part of the proceedings.  This would give members the opportunity to bring something interesting along (old, unusual, antique etc.) and briefly talk about this to all at the Luncheon. Eden Gardens was mentioned as a possible venue and this is to be explored.  However this would be part of the agenda on the meeting of 20 May meeting. Members were asked to think about options in advance.

Malcolm also put forward the possibility of exploring the option to have a NZ wide Society. He advised that Colin and Sarah Campbell were now coming back to NZ and interested in setting up a South Island Campbell Society. That such a move for a NZ wide Society would have advantages for all of us as our membership appears in decline.  Under this structure we would still continue to hold our own local events. This possible option will be on the agenda for further discussion at the committee meeting to be held 20 May 2018. It is important all members think about the option, and put forward any relevant ideas/questions.




 C e i l i d h  D a n c i n g

Ceilidh Dancing: 

Last Friday each month.   7.30 to 9.30 pm.   

St David on the Field, 202 Hillsborough Road

Admission $5.00.   All welcome.



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