CAMPBELL research in USA -



CAMPBELL research in New Zealand - 

   - New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

   - Archives New Zealand


CAMPBELL research in Scotland -  

               - National Archives of Scotland

   - Scottish Archive Network

   - General Register Office of Scotland

   (free site)

   - Genealogy Scotland

   (free site)


Thomas Campbell White's Lineage 

Campbell Brides NZ 1840 - 1899

Brides by year range.doc Brides by year range.doc
Size : 951.5 Kb
Type : doc
Brides Short List.doc Brides Short List.doc
Size : 713.5 Kb
Type : doc
Brides by Name Range.doc Brides by Name Range.doc
Size : 952 Kb
Type : doc

Wayne Birt's Lineage

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